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Don't get lost down the Rabbit Hole. Let us help you create your very own Wonderland.

White Rabbit Events is a unique rental and design company based in Santa Cruz, California.

We can build, paint, or digitally design and print custom artwork for your event, or you may rent from our collection. We specialize in beer bars, picnics, lighting, furniture, decor, signage, woodwork, stationary design, and more!

Our mission is to help you create a fun and comfortable one of a kind space for your guests, through warm ambient lighting and original conversation pieces, making your event more wonderful and memorable than you imagined. No event is too big or too small.

Now is your time to imagine the impossible and let us help you make it possible. Let’s make your dreams come true!


Go above and beyond.

Make your event stand out! Look through our pre-made rentals, get inspired by our past events, or feel free to connect with us about an idea you have that you need help bringing to life. We’d love to collaborate with you to create something custom, personal, and eye-catching for your upcoming event.


One of a kind pieces.

Browse our diverse rental collection. We have a beautiful custom built bar with two keg taps, café string lights, tables, sofas, chairs, rugs, pillows, and so much more! If there’s something that isn’t in our collection you were hoping to find, contact us and we can work together to create a one of a kind piece of art.


Made to order.

We offer graphic design, building, and painting services to make your event uniquely you. Anything from invitations, signage, and posters, to logos, lighting, and woodwork, you name it, we got you! These personalized pieces are sure to wow your guests and set your event apart from the rest.

“Every Adventure requires a First Step.”

—Cheshire Cat

“You're Mad, Bonkers, completely off your head. But I'll tell you a secret... All the Best People Are.”


“Actually, the Best Gift you could have given her was a Lifetime of Adventures...”

—Lewis Carroll

“The Hurrier I go, the Behinder I get.”

—White Rabbit

“I'm not Crazy. My Reality is just Different than yours.”

—Cheshire Cat

“Why, sometimes I Believed as many as Six Impossible Things before breakfast.”


Let's work together to create something magical!

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