Meet The Dreamers

White Rabbit Events started as a dream of husband and wife, Eric and Jamie Lynch.

They are a team of creative do-alls, and was quickly expanded on when they realized just how much they both like to push the creative envelope while planning their wedding together. They saw the limitations in Santa Cruz, so decided to build their own bars, tables, lighting, signage, basically anything they had envisioned but just couldn’t find to rent anywhere or rent at an affordable price.

Both Eric and Jamie have been in the hospitality industry for over fifteen years, giving them an extensive knowledge on not only how to entertain people, but how to create a beautiful, comfortable, and functional environment that will bring lasting memories for their guests.

Jamie Lynch

Jamie Lynch

Creative Junkie

Jamie has had her head in the coloring books since she can remember! She has a BA in Graphic Design from San Diego State University and is currently a graphic designer and fine artist with a passion for interior design. Jamie has an eye for detail and color and loves to play with fonts, patterns, textures, and color palettes to create different emotions or to portray a specific theme.

Inspired by: Dreams, History, Nature, Travel

Eric Lynch

Eric Lynch

Wood Tinkerer

Eric has always had a passion for architecture and thoroughly enjoys the process of building. He recieved his AA in Architecture from Mesa College in San Diego. He is currently honing his skills with years of experience in the masonry industry, but really loves to create anything with wood in his spare time. Eric is a problem-solver who is up for any challenge, especially with the aesthetics such as wood, electrical, concrete, and more!

Inspired by: Architecture, HGTV, Nature, Travel

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