Read a little Q & A with The Good Times Magazine below to learn more about White Rabbit Events.

1. How did your business get started and what’s the story behind it?

Funny you ask, because this Bridal Expo is the coming out date of our new business “White Rabbit Events”. Our business developed very organically over the last few years. We are a husband and wife team of creative do-alls that have been asked by friends and family for over 6 years to help them with their weddings.

While planning our own wedding, we saw the limitations in Santa Cruz. We really desired something unique that represented us. So with that we decided to build our own bar, tables, lighting, signage, basically anything we envisioned but just couldn’t find to rent anywhere and at an affordable price.


2. What makes your business unique for wedding services? In other words, why do couples come to you for their special day?

What makes us unique is that we can create anything the bride and groom have dreamt up, but just can’t find to rent or don’t have the talent, time, or tools to make for themselves. We can build, paint, or digitally design and print anything custom for the couple’s event, making it especially “them”. Everybody wants their event to stand out from the rest. And to do that, it all comes down to the small details that carry thru from start to finish. We can provide rentals that create beautiful spaces at your venue, but what separates us is that we love to work with people to bring their ideas to life.


3. Why be involved in weddings, what makes wedding services special for you?

Wedding are the best! They are so fun and full of love. We have both been bartenders and managers in the hospitality industry for over 15 years. So working with people, entertaining them, creating a beautiful, comfortable, and functional environment to help them create lasting memories has really just become who we are. We thoroughly enjoy it! Helping people with their weddings comes naturally to us.


4. Anything else you’d like included?

When it comes to weddings, it is a once in a lifetime party that you get to throw, so why not go over the top. For our own wedding, we wanted to create a wonderland where our guests could lose themselves and have fun. Every adventure requires a first step, email Jamie and Eric Lynch at today! Don’t be late for your very important date!!!

Let's work together to create something magical!

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